31 May


Why sponsor a winter gift for a ROLDA dog?
A furry coat for a furry friend? It sounds funny, right? But believe it or not, some dogs do need extra protection from the cold during winter time. Obviously we do not condone any animal fur products or animal tested products, so any winter gifts you wish to sponsor like a winter coat, sweater, booties, etc. will all be cruelty-free!
Sometimes we see animals and say, “Oh, they have fur, they can withstand the cold.” But that’s not always true. Mother Nature can be very harsh when she wants to be and sometimes no one escapes her wrath!

You can keep a dog warm this winter for only 15 euros!!! Sponsor a winter gift today!
You can sponsor a winter gift for a ROLDA dog and download your virtual card immediately! Contact us at rolda@rolda.org if you need assistance.