03 Jun


Why sponsor a pet with a low-income family in Romania?
Galati is one of the poorest regions in Romania. The average monthly income is 200 EUR a month. That extremely insufficient to maintain even just one person. So why would these people, knowing they have no money to support a pet even own one? Because some people love animals. And some people’s hearts break when they see a dog or cat all skinny and digging through trash looking for something to eat.

So what do they do? They welcome them into their home and share with them what little they have. We have a village near our ROLDA shelters in Galati where you can witness these bondings, not only with dogs and cats, but with horses and donkeys, and sometimes even chickens.
These people don’t have much to give their pets, but they have a big heart and their pets appreciate that.

All we are asking from you is to help them with a little bit more.
You can sponsor a low-income family’s pet and download your virtual gift card immediately! Please contact rolda@rolda.org in case you need assistance.