31 May


What is a Flight to Freedom ticket? Many ROLDA dogs get adopted in countries outside of Romania, especially in other parts of Europe. Usually, to transport dogs to countries like Sweden, etc. we use air transport instead of ground transport because it’s less travel time, and therefore, less stressful for the dogs. ROLDA thankfully has amazing volunteers that fly to pick up those dogs that have been adopted and accompany them to their destination. The crates are attached to the volunteer’s flight ticket as luggage, and each luggage (crate) is approximately 100 euros (sometimes 200) depending on the transport company.

Why sponsor a Flight to Freedom Ticket for a ROLDA dog? By sponsoring a Flight to Freedom ticket you are helping an adopted dog reach his or her new home to meet their new family. That’s something many street dogs will never get a chance to experience. Will you help an adopted dog reach his new forever home?

You can sponsor a Flight to Freedom ticket for a ROLDA adopted dog and download your virtual gift card immediately! Contact us to rolda@rolda.org in case you need assistance.