31 May


Why sponsor a bowl of food for a stray dog in Romania?
In Galati, Romania, there are an estimated 20,000 stray dogs roaming the streets. Sadly, ROLDA can only house 650 dogs in its shelters at one time. That means around 19,350 dogs remain homeless and struggling to survive.
Tragically, one of the leading causes of death among their population is starvation. But at ROLDA we believe these dogs still deserve our attention and compassion. That is why putting out a bowl of food for a lonely street dog a can do more than prevent him or her from dying, it can bring happiness, hope, and the feeling of love.

You can make that happen for only 10 euros!!!
You can sponsor a bowl of food for a stray dog in Romania and download your virtual gift card immediately! Contact us at rolda@rolda.org for assistance.