07 Jun

PawzUp Brick (25.00 EUR)

Send this e-card: “Your Gift is a PAWZUP BRICK to help build strong, durable walls for ROLDA’s PawzUp Animal Center to house and protect our animals.”

Just an example: It is estimated that nearly 3 million dogs are homeless in Romania, and over 19,000 in the region of Galati alone. ROLDA’s shelters can only house just over 650 dogs comfortably, and most of our complex consists of outdoor paddocks where our dogs sleep with beds, straw, blankets, and some even with heat lamps. We are a small charity that has recently started to grow and become recognized globally, but when we first initiated ROLDA we had very little funding and we did the best with what we had. Now, with our new project, we want to do things properly from the start! And that means 4 walls around the entire PawzUp Animal Center!

On behalf of all the dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, and other animals we’ve rescued, and on behalf of those animals who remain homeless and continue to endure abuse, our entire ROLDA Team says THANK YOU:
“As soon as the PawzUp Animal Center opens, over 2,000 animals will receive help every day until they move out to their forever home to be with their new family. Together, we are helping Romanian citizens to get directly involved in solving the stray overpopulation problem in responsible, efficient, and humane manner. Today, thousands of beautiful, healthy, and sociable dogs are currently living in overcrowded public shelters, and are waiting for a chance to be adopted by a Romanian family, before it’s too late.

About PawzUp for Life
ROLDA’s PawzUp for Life shopping area is an innovative way to fundraise for our PawzUp Animal Center, one of the most complete, efficient, and innovative animal centers in Eastern Europe which will contain a sanctuary for dogs; a sanctuary for cats; a sanctuary for horses and donkeys; a charitable veterinary clinic; and adoption center; and lots of playing grounds.