Water for stray dogs during hot summers

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According to NASA, 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded, and the eastern Mediterranean experienced the worst drought in 900 years! And this summer has shown us no mercy either.

Would you walk barefooted on a pavement when it’s 50C degrees outside? Of course not! Because your feet will literally burn. And yet, this is what a homeless dog in Romania endures on scorching hot days!

Don’t you think a dog’s paws will burn on hot pavement? ROLDA volunteers place used plastic containers filled with water under shadowy areas for packs of homeless thirsty dogs because it’s darn near impossible for those dogs to find pockets of water on the streets when the sun is soaking it all up!

During nightfall, the strays catch a little break from the weather (and I say, “a little” because the temperature doesn’t drop much at night).

Those dogs that were fortunate to drink water that day will probably survive to see another sunrise, and those that didn’t will likely pass away from dehydration and exhaustion. ROLDA dug wells a few years ago in their sanctuaries so that we would have our own resources of groundwater, and not depend exclusively on the water provided by City Hall, which is delivered every two days during summer.


Our supporters understood that our sanctuaries needed important resources of water for our dogs’ daily needs, for homeless dogs, and for cleaning purposes (we need to keep the dogs under our care clean, as well as our shelters). The well from our big sanctuary is placed on top of a small hill, which means that it’s a very deep well (approx. 430 feet).

However, this summer, this well became full of sediments and sand, which reduced the water’s quality dramatically, and making it dangerous for consumption. The expert said that the cause was the extremely hot temperatures and lack of humidity.

If we continue to force the electric pump from the well, which is connected to two large water tanks, the whole system might break and it will be very expensive to fix. To clean the well and restore good quality water to give to our dogs, it will cost 1,300 EUR. Water is vital for a dog’s wellbeing, but also for sanitary reasons.

Can you please help us surpass this obstacle and give our dogs the best living conditions possible?