Renovate ROLDA for a better future

$2770 raised of $55000

ROLDA, the “Rock of Romania” for animal welfare, needs urgent, vital repairs to prevent a collapse of our mission.

ROLDA has been proudly helping animals in Galati, Romania since 2003. After so many years, our shelters — just like any other structure — become affected by time, weather conditions, wear and tear, and other factors. Because ROLDA is located in an extremely remote area that is exposed to harsh summers and winters that severely consume our shelters.
Over the recent years, vital repairs have had to be addressed and they are progressively getting worse. Today, our most urgent repairs that need immediate attention are the clinic’s roof and side walls, and 3 paddocks.

Your donation will not only help us with these vital repairs, but also to fund the constant, daily maintenance work that keep our dogs safe, healthy, and happy every single day!