Maintenance work for animal welfare

$218 raised of $2000

Repair and maintenance work secure animal welfare at ROLDA

ROLDA shelters need periodic repairs, and we are counting on our supporters’ compassion and generosity to make our dogs feel better in what is probably the only home they ever had (or will have).

If you Google “shelter repair” or “kennel dogs repair”, you won’t get many results. Animal organizations know how difficult it is to fundraise for capital costs and how almost impossible it is to make people react when you request funds for shelter repair. At ROLDA, we go against the waves. We believe our supporters are educated about rescue dogs’ needs and understand that a rusty kennel whose metallic boards start falling apart doesn’t only look bad but is also very unsafe for the dogs.

ROLDA’s large sanctuary is huge. There are two stripes of 60 kennels positioned in front of each other. In total, 120 kennels, 2160 square meters of boxes (sections) where up to 700 dogs can be housed.

Every now and then, these require repairs and maintenance work. Three paddocks are already renovated, but 9 paddocks need your help!

We make a special appeal from the heart to our compassionate supporters who are knowledgeable about animal welfare in general (and dogs care in particular) to help us fund our kennel repairs where hundreds of #roldadogs live.

What we need to buy for 1 paddock (10 kennels):

1. Paint and paint thinner to protect metallic structure: 20 kg
2. Galvanized metal boards (length: 3 meters, height: 1 meter per kennel) to replace the rusty ones: 27 square meters
Note: For each paddock, we need 9 new metal boards for the 10 kennels/9 compartments between them.
3. Metal frame for the galvanized board (length 3m per kennel):27 meters
4. Replace parts of damaged sandwich panels 40mm:
Note: we‘ll need to order a minimum of 100 square meters to get a discount and our plan is to make a deal with a supplier to get the “remaining parts” of panels for a better price.

Please help us make the rescued dogs feel at home during the time spent in our care!