Sanctuary for aging & disabled felines

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Sanctuary for aging & disabled felines

New #roldacats projects for Romanian cats in need

ROLDA believes aging animals deserve to enjoy their twilight years in a peaceful setting. For more than a decade, our supporters have enabled us to provide a healthy habitat and optimal healthcare to hundreds of aging and disabled dogs in our sanctuary, helping them age gracefully under qualified supervision.

What are we doing to help aging and disabled cats?

ROLDA is happy to announce that we finally have the architect plans and we can move to next step, to start fundraising for the building of the cat sanctuary.

No sanctuary exists for aging or disabled cats in eastern Romania (a region the equivalent to the entire country of Switzerland) which offers the adequate care these sensitive felines need. This is an animal welfare issue we’ve been trying to address for a long time, so we’re extremely grateful for the opportunity.

Our feline sanctuary will only welcome aging and disabled cats from eastern Romania who have tested negative for contagious diseases, including Toxoplasma and HIV. This condition is enforced to protect the resident cats and their fragile environment. However, ROLDA continues to assist pet owners whose pets need medical attention. Read more about ROLDA work for cats here.

Construction phases

Phase I — Excavation, Foundation, Framing, Roofing, Doors, Windows
Phase II — Internal Fixtures and Fittings, Ventilation System, Insulation, Plumbing, Wiring
Phase III — Exterior Fencing, Playground Area, Sandbox

NOTE: Once the total amount is secured, construction will be finalized in 2 months. Construction can also be completed in stages once the cost for each phase is secured.

We need your support!

Our feline sanctuary has been dwelling in our hearts for a long time, and now we can finally make it a reality!
We have a wonderful opportunity to help more animals in need of compassionate care, and we intend to use it!

But we need your support.

You are the bedrock of our charity, and we appeal to you for your sincere donation to helps us build our feline sanctuary. Thousands of aging and disabled cats in Romania will be helped because of you.

For years, you have empowered us to save thousands of #roldadogs, and now you can extend your generosity to aid #roldacats. Too much time has passed, so let’s not waste another second to start!

Make your donation today!

More supporters will help us reach our goal faster, so please help us promote our new project on social media by including the hashtag #roldacats.

Sponsor opportunities

Name playground area (2 available): 3000$
Name a cat condo (12 available): 1000$
Name the entire sanctuary for cats: Unavailable

Transparency is important for ROLDA, as well as showing gratitude to our dedicated supporters.

Individual donations are listed on the right column. When you make a donation directly on this page, your name and the amount will appear automatically. If you send a check or wire a donation marked “for cat sanctuary”, we will add your donation manually. In case you don’t see your name and amount donated listed, please send us an email at

Estimated cost

45.000 USD