Sanctuary for aging & disabled felines

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$45585 Raised
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Sanctuary for aging & disabled felines

New #ROLDAcats projects for Romanian cats in need

ROLDA believes aging animals deserve to enjoy their twilight years in a peaceful setting. For more than a decade, our supporters have enabled us to provide a healthy habitat and optimal healthcare to hundreds of aging and disabled dogs in our sanctuary, helping them age gracefully under qualified supervision.

Aging and disabled cats are about to finally have a place to call HOME

ROLDA is happy to announce that we are finishing building of the cat sanctuary and we can’t be any prouder of it! And very grateful to you all.

With no sanctuary for aging or disabled cats in eastern Romania, a region the equivalent to the entire country of Switzerland, their future was dark and uncertain. Thanks to our supporter’s generosity, ROLDA can finally offer adequate care for these sensitive felines need.

Considering that the sanctuary has a limited capacity (max 30 cats) and also considering the vulnerability of its residents, we set a few rules to welcome a new cat:
● Each new cat will stay in quarantine for 14 days
● Cat needs to have a negative result for Fcov/FVP/Giardia and Felv before joining the other cats
● Cat must be spayed/neutered
● For cats directly transferred from owners, proof of vaccination is also mandatory.

These rules that are enforced to protect the resident cats and their fragile environment.
In the same time, ROLDA continues to assist pet owners whose cats need medical attention. Read more about ROLDA work for cats here.

The phases of the project

Phase I — Excavation, Foundation, Framing, Roofing, Doors, Windows – Completed
Phase II — Internal Fixtures and Fittings, Ventilation System, Insulation, Plumbing, Wiring – Completed
Phase III — Exterior Fencing, Playground Area, Sandbox – Completed
Phase IV – Interior condos, climbing, accessories

The budget

Constructor: DA & DN Modern Construct Payment status
Phase I + II 263480 paid
Phase III 23156 paid
Phase IV 50000 to be raised

NOTE: We are currently in Phase IV of the project (50000 RON equivalent of 10000 USD to be raised), where we welcome you to contribute to enrich our cats living conditions. Considering that some of our residents will permanently remain in our care, they don’t just need a clean sandbox, quality food, and medicines, but also toys and accessories that will keep them busy and happy.

Sponsor opportunities

Make a gift to enrich the life of a rescued cat
(photos below are for reference only)

Solid cat treadmill roller: 200$
Tree tower: 120$
Cat scratcher (various shapes: carrot, mushroom, wheel etc): 60$
Wall mounted furniture: 50$
Sisal rope bridge 1m: 40$
Tunnel with toys: 30$


Tree tower

Cat scratcher

Wall mounted accesories

Take the unique opportunity to leave your mark on this project created to last for generations to come!

Sponsor a space for cats and name it exactly as you wish: in memory or to honor someone, a human or animal friend.

Name playground area (1 available): 3000$
Name a cat unit (6 available): 1000$

Dont’t forget a last thing: help us promote ROLDA new cat project on social media by including the hashtag #ROLDAcats
It’s free and will spread the word fast!

Transparency is important for ROLDA, as well as showing gratitude to our dedicated supporters.

Individual donations are listed on the right column. When you make a donation directly on this page, your name and the amount will appear automatically. If you send a check or wire a donation marked “for cat sanctuary”, we will add your donation manually. In case you don’t see your name and amount donated listed, please send us an email at