Give freedom to #roldadogs

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Give freedom to #roldadogs: Help us build running spaces for our dogs

Recent studies have shown that a kennel’s size can influence the behavior of a dog, not only because a greater space allocation affords more activity, but also because it increases the potential for dogs to display a greater diversity of natural behaviors.(quote from “Effects of space allowance on the behavior of long-term housed shelter dogs. Behavioural Processes” written by Normando et al. 2014)

With or without this brief scientific mission, we all know that dogs need space to exercise. And we at ROLDA want to create the best running space for the dogs in our care.

ROLDA’s large sanctuary is huge: There are two stripes of 60 kennels positioned in front of each other. In total, 120 kennels. One stripe of kennels ends against the fence, and there, we can’t yet build running spaces. For the other stripe of 60 kennels (6 paddocks), we made efforts and purchased additional land and moved the fence and access road to be able to create running spaces that will give our dogs the freedom to run carefree.

A few years back, we successfully built running spaces for 2 of the 6 paddocks thanks to donations from Berit (a Norwegian donor), Gatehunder fra Romania, ROLDA Sverige, and other private donations. But we still need to build running spaces for 4 more paddocks.

These are the actualized costs to build running spaces for 1 paddock (10 kennels):
25300RON + VAT (19%)= 30100 RON
6293 EUR (RON/EUR conversion rate on 18.01.2020)

Price includes fencing, metal structure for the fence, small access doors for dogs and large doors for human access as well as labor.

Shelter dogs need lots of exercise, but they need a safe space to be able to run. Please, help us make rescue dogs feel at home in our ROLDA shelters!