PawzUp adoption centre

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PawzUp adoption centre

Probably the largest project of its kind, reuniting people and animals in Romania

Why PawzUp project?

ROLDA operates in one of the poorest regions of Romania, where a family of 4 (or more) members survive with approx. 150 EUR a month.
House pets (cats, dogs), working animals(horses, donkeys) constantly risk abandonment, while around 200.000 street dogs are exposed daily to risks such as starvation, disease, or death.

The local private vet hospitals can’t cope with the huge numbers of animals in need, they often have to choose whom to take in and the vet bills are huge, in the really good clinics, where animals have a chance to recover. On the other hand, the large animals face a grisly fate since there are absolutely no veterinary clinics equipped to meet their needs, only improvisations.

Animals need people’s help.
But after years of experience first-hand, the positive impact of animals on people’s lives, we dare say that people need animals, too.

We want PawzUp to be a strong foundation upon which we can rebuild the relationship between man and animals. PawzUp is a concept and a bold dream; a way to bring people and animals together and allow them to help one another and enjoy each other’s company.

Rescue: Inch by inch
The pie chart helps you understand the area occupied by each current construction.

PawzUp Map

Adoption Center

New sanctuary for senior dogs

Isolation boxes

Veterinary zone

The big numbers

● 200000 small and farm animals will benefit of PawzUp services
● PawzUp will serve an area that’s as large as half of Switzerland
● Between 1500-2000 animals will be helped every year
● Million of people of all ages (including seniors and children), pets and homeless animals will experience a unique, authentique and rewarding experience

Circle of life

Discover all the services that PawzUp Center will provide for a community with no money but big hearts, in dire need to learn to respect and look after all furry friends in a responsible way.

Provide veterinary assistance
Social services for poor pets
Training - for volunteers, employers
Interaction humans - animals - for visitors, volunteers
Education the public - for visitors
Therapy for seniors with shelter animals

What are the estimated costs from A to Z for PawzUp project?

Fence and Secure – 120.000 USD
Secure the property with a solid fence, install a surveillance system (electric + off-grid) to protect animals and the investments

Utilities and Authorizations – 130.000 USD
Utilities including water station, solar panels for electricity and heating, wind power and generators

Access road and parking for staff and visitors – 130.000 USD
Note: we aim for donated slag for part of the road and to apply for a grant for solar panels

PawzUp Adoption Center – 2.450.000 USD
● Veterinary clinic (including equipment) and Recovery zone
● Isolation and Infectious Disease zones
● Adoption dogs zone
● Adoption cats zone
● Shelter cats zone
● Shelter dogs zone
● Therapy zone
● Technical rooms
● Volunteers loft space
● Staff area zone

Horse Sanctuary – 220.000 USD
● Isolation boxes
● Space for treatments
● Space for storage
● Outdoor areas

Donkey Sanctuary – 60.000 USD
● Isolation boxes
● Space for treatments
● Outdoor area

Shelter for other small farm animals – 30.000 USD

Sponsor opportunities

As an individual or a company, you have the opportunity to name a part of the building or the whole building. Your name or a name that you choose (e.g. if you wish to commemorate a lost pet or to honor a human/pet) will be engraved on a plaque and displayed visibly forever inside the Adoption Center on the Wall of Fame area near reception.

Please check this page for more details.

Transparency is important for ROLDA, as well as showing gratitude to our dedicated supporters.
Individual donations are listed on the right column. When you make a donation directly on this page, your name and the amount will appear automatically. If you send a check or wire a donation marked “for PawzUp”, we will add your donation manually. In case you don’t see your name and amount donated listed, please send us an email at

Fence and Secure

120.000 USD

Utilities and Authorizations

130.000 USD

Access road and parking for staff and visitors

130.000 USD

PawzUp Adoption Center

2.450.000 USD

Horse Sanctuary

220.000 USD

Donkey Sanctuary

60.000 USD

Shelter for other small farm animals

30.000 USD

Estimated cost

3.140.000 USD