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Why to invest in PawzUp project?

ROLDA operates in one of the poorest regions of Romania, where a family of 4 (or more) members survive with approx. 150 EUR a month. Around 200,000 street dogs, working animals (donkeys, horses) and poor pets (cats, dogs) are exposed to starvation, risk of abandon, diseases, death. The local small clinic can’t cope with a huge demand of small animals wounded, sick and large animals are basically sacrificed because there is no veterinary clinic equipped for them.

Rescue: Inch by inch

The graphic pie helps you understand the area occupied by each current construction or the space reserved on our land for the future projects.

Presently, medical investigations start with 4 hours driving

For x-ray, RMN or other complicated investigation, (or often for a correct diagnostic) a pet must be transported to Bucharest (250km, 4 hours driving) but often the animal die because can’t be stabilised for transport.

PawzUp Map


Find out more about our Donkey Shelter.


Find out more about our Horse Shelter


Find out more about the PawzUp Adoption Center.


Find out more about the small farm with chickens, goats and senior animals.

200 000

Small and large animals to benefit

Large Area

Serve an area half Switzerland


Animals to be helped each year

4 million

Seniors to benefit of pets companionship

Circle of Life

Click the icons located in circle, at your right in circle to discover all the services that PawzUp Center will provide for a community with no money but big hearts, in dire need to learn to respect and look after all furry friends in a responsible way.





behavior evaluation

spay / neuter

medical care

therapy with animals

Who are the beneficiaries of PawzUp project?

PawzUp is an unique project addressed to:

  • Second metropolitan zone (after Bucharest) Galati-Braila
  • Central Moldavia (one of the poorest regions of Romania)
  • cover a surface of 27.158 km2 (half size of Switzerland country)
  • serve approximately 200.000 animals within the surface
  • estimated 2.000 animals to be helped/year

PawzUp Gifts

Send an e-card to your friends to help PawzUp project grow!

Insulated Indoor Kit (75.00 EUR)

Send this e-card: “Your Gift is an INSULATED INDOOR KIT to help build a safe, insulated, and extreme-weather resistant indoor complex for ROLDA's PawzUp Animal Center to en...


Waterproof/Fireproof Roof Panel (40.00 EUR)

Send this e-card: “Your Gift is a WATERPROOF/FIREPROOF ROOF PANEL to help build a safe, extreme-weather resistant roof for ROLDA's PawzUp Animal Center to ensure the health...


Waterproof/Fireproof Wall Panel (50.00 EUR)

Send this e-card: “Your Gift is a WATERPROOF/FIREPROOF WALL PANEL to help build safe, maximum protection walls for ROLDA's PawzUp Animal Center to ensure the health and saf...


PawzUp Brick (25.00 EUR)

Send this e-card: "Your Gift is a PAWZUP BRICK to help build strong, durable walls for ROLDA's PawzUp Animal Center to house and protect our animals." Just an example


Bag of Cement (20.00 EUR)

Send this e-card: "Your Gift is a BAG OF CEMENT to help build the base for ROLDA's PawzUp Animal Center so that all the animals living there will have quality hygienic conditions." ...


Current risks we face

Imagine an area of 27158 km2 (half area of Switzerland country). This huge area totally lacks of veterinary clinic, combined with modern sheltering facilities for animals from where local community can safely adopt, without being worried about the risk of infection or diseases.

What are the costs from A to Z for PawzUp project?

The PawzUp Project from A to Z

Land purchase
400 000 EUR needed
Utilities and authorizations
170 000 EUR needed

Utilities including water station, solar panels for electricity and heating, wind power and generators, access road, parking for visitors

PawzUp Adoption Center (cats, dogs)
300 000 EUR needed
Horse Sanctuary
200 000 EUR needed
Donkey Sanctuary
60 000 EUR needed
Veterinary Clinic
250 000 EUR needed

Construction phases

First phase: Exterior

Land purchased


Permits, authorization, arhitect plan




Prepare the land for building, lay the foundation


Basic structure: the building walls


Roof, windows, doors


Heating, ventilation, safety systems

Second phase: Interior

Outfit the dogs and cats facilities


Equip the technical rooms


Purchase furniture


Other interior accessories and fixtures


Kate Nattrass Atema, Director of the Global Community Animal Welfare Program IFAW
”The Pawzup Centre sounds like a fantastic and much-needed initiative that, I'm sure, will make a huge difference to the animals and the local community in Galati. Incorporating a therapy dogs program on top of the outreach, sterilization and rehoming work is a really progressive approach that I hope will lead to a change in attitudes about dogs”