Install special heating to our small shelter

$253 raised of $9843

Help us install a heating system to improve the dogs’ wellbeing in our small shelter

ROLDA’s small sanctuary has 15 kennels that function at full capacity, where rescued dogs are welcomed and prepared to go into forever homes. Each kennel is approx. 18 square meters.

A tiny surface of just 1 (one) square meter on the whole kennel floor will be enough for a dog to keep his body warm during the extreme cold, Siberian nights when temperatures can drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius!!!

Prior to being saved by our rescue team, street dogs endure horrible conditions because they don’t have a roof over their heads and are often forced to stay out in heavy rains and snowstorms. Those fortunate enough to survive did so by learning to dig holes in the ground to protect themselves from severe weather, using the Earth’s benefits in their favor to become survivors. However, as soon as we welcome rescue dogs in our shelter, we become responsible for them for the rest of their life or until they are rehomed.

Our dogs deserve the very best, which is why we always strive for quality, not luxury. In nature, stray dogs are accustomed to lay and sleep in many uncomfortable surfaces—including concrete floors, such as those in our kennels. Most of the dogs we rescue choose to sleep on this concrete floor, even though beds are provided for them (just because they’re so used to it). However, it’s extremely unhealthy for them to lie down on concrete surfaces. A tiny 1 square meter heated floor (with controlled heating for 2 hours per night) will provide warmth when it’s unbearably cold and help them stay comfortable.

We dare say it isn’t too much what we’d like to offer our furry friends!

These are the estimated costs to install a heating system in our small shelter:

26110 RON for materials
13450 RON for manpower
39560RON + VAT (19%) = 47076 RON
9843 EUR (RON/EUR conversion rate on 18.01.2020)

Please be generous and help us provide the best affordable comfort to our dogs.
Make them feel home in our shelter!