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They were all alone.
They only had each other. When their hooves were left untrimmed, they grew so long, they could hardly walk.
Nobody came to help them.

For 12 years, Ben changed owners. They were all the same, as none of them cared for him. For 12 long years, Ben had no one to stroke his ears, and no one to pet his nose.
He still shakes his head in fear when you lift your hand. He is trying to instinctively protect himself from being beaten. He was beaten by all his ex-owners, very badly.

Discover how Ben story ends and how you can help us save more donkeys in Romania

Hooves untrimmed are the least the Romanian donkeys suffer. Open injuries caused by abuses (e.g. they are severely beaten with sharped objects) and malnutrition kill these beautiful animals, day by day. We remind you that donkeys do not serve humans only to carry heavy baggage s but also they are used for therapy -because with their kindness, they bring people comfort and peace and often, a smile on our face. The least we can do, is to give something back to make these animals life more humane, more comfortable, less painful!

Please help TODAY Ben and other donkeys of Romania!