More Donkeys like Ben need Our Help

$209 raised of $30000

ROLDA supporters have been helping Ben since the day we rescued him, and we are incredibly grateful for their compassion and empathy.

Sadly, there are hundreds of more abused donkeys that need our help in the villages surrounding our town plus many more across Romania. Like Ben, they are beaten and abused and suffer medical emergencies that go untreated. Unfortunately, we can’t help as many as we want because we don’t have a proper shelter for the donkeys, we only have a metallic improvised barrack where Ben lives. However, we do have plenty of empty lands where we could build a shelter for more donkeys in need.

For the time being, ROLDA only provides medical aid for donkeys with severe injuries for families who can’t afford to pay for their treatment but we don’t have a place to confiscate and relocate the severely abused donkeys, which remain the property and the victims of people with no soul.

Lack of money, it’s frustrating to know we can’t do more for voiceless, defend fewer animals which we see day after day exploited.

One of our dreams is to build a donkeys shelter on our sanctuary (which has a vacancy for 700 dogs, some cats, and, of course, Ben), but we still lack funds and resources. But we are still hopeful.
The donkey shelter will be part of our PawzUp Center, and it will have room for max 50 donkeys in a wood-insulated stable with a feeding area and partially shaded outdoor running areas where they can roam care-free.

50 rescue donkeys may not seem like much compared to the hundreds that live in our community, but it’s a start. We have made such a difference in Ben’s life, and we want to do that for as many donkeys as we can, but first, we need to build this shelter and then we can concentrate on expansion.

From our experience, ROLDA knows that first is the hardest step to make.

Please donate to build the donkey’s shelter!
We estimate this project to cost 30000 USD

For every donation of a minimum 500 $/EUR/GBP, your name (or a name of your choice) will appear engraved on a wood plaque in a sign of recognition.

Hundreds of abused and neglected donkeys need saving.

Until our donkey shelter is complete, ROLDA will continue to provide food &treats, water, medicine, and health care to donkeys owned by locals in our community. Hopefully, these donkeys understand that we are looking out for them and that they will have a home with us when their working days are over. Ben has 700 cuddly canines here who keep him entertained, but I’m sure he would like the company of a fellow donkey during his golden age.

Please donate today!