Help dogs fight against fleas and ticks

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From March to October, stray dogs are in danger of being infested with fleas and ticks. These
parasites can be extremely harmful to dogs and can cause a wide array of health problems,
including tick paralysis. Stray dogs are exposed and vulnerable to fleas and ticks because they
are in constant contact with infected dogs and other animals.
And, of course, because they do not receive a flea and tick preventive.

If these dogs remain untreated, most will succumb to the infections and diseases transmitted
from these relentless pests.

But together we can prevent fleas and ticks from harming stray dogs in Romania. Help us
protect these voiceless souls with Advantix Spot-on Solution prevention treatment—one of the
safest and most effective ways to fight these external parasites.

The monthly dose of Advantix Spot-on Solution for one dog costs as little as €8, and it
guarantees a safe, healthy, and happy dog!
It doesn’t cost much to help a lonely, gentle dog be healthy, so please, donate today.