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ROLDA’s race to build a sanctuary for horses

In Romania, most of the horses are living at countryside and are severely exploited.

When they are no longer “useful” to their owners, or suffer an injury, or when they get sick, horses are abandoned to die or are being slaughtered for their meat.
ROLDA has fought for horses for years, but we have reached a point where drastic action needs to be taken, and we refuse to wait any longer for these horses to be saved.

They have waited too long! They need our help now!
After over 16 years of focusing on rescuing homeless street dogs, we are ready for a new movement. Though we are far from saving all the strays in Romania, we have come a long way—and we continue to strive towards our goal. But as we’ve been fighting for these poor defenseless creatures, horses have been suffering.

Horses are loyal and majestic animals who are also gentle and kind. They are faithful companions … helpful spirits … and devoted friends. They are willing to help us and are always ready to give. But far too many horses are mistreated and perceived as slave laborers that don’t deserve respect.

ROLDA would like to start sheltering the old, injured, and sick horses with priority. For the horses who live in safe families, ROLDA will continue to provide emergency medical aid and horseshoes cleaning, as well as coats for horses to keep them protected when it’s cold. We will also continue working with the authorities and the regional veterinary to rescue abused horses and donkeys from their owners and transfer them to safety.

The sanctuary

After extensive research to build the best horse sanctuary that can protect our horses from the harsh Romanian climate (especially the freezing winters), but also to be cost effective, we have selected a model made from galvanized structure and Baticlair material. For the hay storage, we were advised to use Abriclair on galvanized structure.

This eco-friendly, efficient sanctuary can house up to 8 horses and will be equipped with heating, soft flooring, and a system to prevent water from freezing. It will also have a designated area for washing and grooming the horses and a separate feeding area.

Construction phases

1. Paperwork: topographic measurements, convert 600 square meters from agriculture into residential land, other authorizations (including from Veterinary Direction)
2. Concrete foundation
3. Barn building (Baticlair, galvanized structure)
4. Hay storage (Abriclair, galvanized structure)
5. Barn partitions (8 boxes, 2 quarantine boxes with separate outdoor space/separate entrance; other areas: grooming, food storage)

6. Connect the building to water, electricity, install surveillance system, fire and smoke alarms, sprinkler system
7. Menage outdoor areas
8. Outdoor areas
9. Field shadow/protection for sun/rain
10. Purchase a trailer to transport horses
11. Purchase basic equipment

ROLDA’s horse sanctuary is part of PawzUp project.

Horses and donkeys in our community cannot wait any longer. We need to act now to build their sanctuary. Please donate! We can’t have more horses being slaughtered for their meat when they are no longer “useful” to their owners.

All animals deserve respect! Please donate today!

Sponsor opportunities

As an individual or a company, you have the opportunity to name a horse box, or other area of the sanctuary. Your name or a name that you choose (e.g. if you wish to name the horse box in memory of a horse you lost or to honor a human/pet) will be engraved on a wood plaque and displayed visibly for as long as the sanctuary will be operational.
(Note: each space can have multiple sponsors)

Name a shelter box for horses (8 available) 5000$
Name grooming area for horses (1 available) 2000$
Name feeding/storage area for horses (1 available) 1000$
Name the whole sanctuary for horses: 120000$

There is one rare opportunity for a very generous donor to sponsor the whole project and therefore, to name the sanctuary in memory or to honor a human or a pet. Many horse lovers wish to spread their love to less lucky, but majestic horses, in different parts of the World where they suffer neglect and abuses. When you sponsor the ROLDA sanctuary for horses, you give a chance to animals from communities where they have no other hope, where nobody else care for them, where they are treated as trash, after working hard, day and night, after a lifetime near someone who clearly didn’t appreciate them nor deserve their loyalty and intelligence.

Transparency is important for ROLDA, as well as showing gratitude to our dedicated supporters.
Individual donations are listed on the right column. When you make a donation directly on this page, your name and the amount will appear automatically. If you send a check or wire a donation marked “for horse sanctuary”, we will add your donation manually. In case you don’t see your name and amount donated listed, please send us an email at

Cost of the barn:

(from 1 to 5)

120.000 USD

Additional cost

(for the trailer, indoor equipment, connect utilities (electricity, heating), outdoor areas and access alleys)
from 6 to 11

100.000 USD

Estimated cost

220.000 USD