30 Aug

Care to Share

ROLDA team

Care to Share?

ROLDA is searching for Ambassadors to share information about our mission to save Romanian street dogs!

The next time you see someone walking their dog, wouldn’t you like to be reminded that you are responsible for finding homes for hundreds of stray dogs in Romania?
All you have to do is send an email to at least one person, sharing with them information about ROLDA and the stray dog crisis in Romania, and what they can do to help.

You can also use the power of social media to get the attention of a wider audience. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever social media apps you use, to help save Romanian strays.

Remember, once a day …or even once every few days helps us tremendously!

Take action and start a Chain Reaction!

When you spend just 3 minutes to reach out to new people, even if it’s just one person, you are starting a chain reaction of new ROLDA supporters that can save hundreds, even thousands of dogs.

When you commit to spreading the word about ROLDA and Romanian strays, you are helping homeless and abandoned dogs get:

  • – Rescued;
  • – Saved;
  • – Treated (medically);
  • – Vaccinated;
  • – Sterilized;
  • – Fed;
  • – Shelter;
  • – Adopted;
  • – Rehabilitated

It doesn’t take much to help one of these suffering dogs. With a donation of 20 EUR we can sterilize a street dog, which will save hundreds of unwanted puppies from being born on the streets of Romania. But if people don’t know how far 20 EUR can go to saving stray dogs, they cannot help.

That’s why we need you to volunteer to spread the word!

Take action today! Start saving lives right away!
You can be responsible for taking homeless and abandoned dogs from the streets of Romania, and placing them in good, loving homes with a family that will care for them for the rest of their lives.