13 May

You care. They live!


These dogs will be killed unless….you adopt!

7 years of difficult, sometimes impossible day by day rescue work are at big risk now. Dogs saved from the steel plant in our shelter are instantly replaced by new dogs migrating from the overpopulated town. The steel plant demands us to increase the intake, but our shelter is full. We need individual adopters and reliable shelters partners in Western Europe to collaborate with to prevent extreme measures against the remained dogs. We need help NOW to help these dogs, or it will be too late for many of them!

Since the dog law changed, it is nearly impossible to sterilize and return the dogs. All dogs captured must remain in our shelter because if released, they will be captured by the dogcatchers and will end up in public shelter where they will be killed.

Freedom always has a price, but these dogs are going to pay the ultimate price: their own life unless we work TOGETHER to adopt out as many as possible.

ROLDA dogs ready for adoption are listed here. Behavior/character description is available for every dog. We also can provide, at request, a short movie to help adopters take a decision.

From all our dogs, we select the most  sociable, easy goingones; they are really smart (easy to be trained) and very grateful!

All ROLDA dogs are sterilized and vaccinated annually with Eurican DHPII1-LR(made by Merial), as well as periodically de-wormed with Biheldon or Drontal Plus.For the fleas and ticks control we use Advantix. There are additional snap tests or blood tests available to be made at your request.

We take care of all the travel documents for the dog including microchip, passport, if necessary TRACES document at no cost for the adopter.

ROLDA doesn’t ask adopters any adoption fee except the travel costs which range from 220-300 EUR depending on the transport method.

To adopt a dog, please contact us!

Head office: rolda@care2.com (Dana)

If you live in these countries, contact our representatives:

Sweden Heidi info@roldasverige.se

Switzerland Muriel scribars@gmail.com

Norway Hege rolda.norge@hotmail.no

Holland Hanneke info@rolda-nederland.nl


If you always wanted to help Romanian dogs and didn’t knew how or if you think you can do more, if you were one of the millions of people around the World horrified about the atrocities happened against the street dogs population in Romania over the years, if an image of a dog from Romania brought tears in your eyes, at least once …You are these dogs last hope!

We have right now 750 dogs in our shelters and no more space for new rescue.

You can double your impact on Romanian dogs cause!

Adopt a dog from our shelters and in the same time, you help us rescue a new dog from streets.

It is a matter of days or weeks until these dogs will be catch and killed, unless YOU REACT!


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