28 Mar

Buy a Kuranda bed

Affordable comfort for our dogs

People relaxation starts with a good sleep, in a comfortable bed. How about dogs? We  see dogs enjoying get dirty and sleeping in a hole they just dig in the garden. But this doesn’t mean they prefer to sleep every day, anywhere. During winter nights, especially – dogs love to cuddle in a cozy blanket (lifted from cold ground), or be spoiled with the comfort of a warm bed.

Pet industry found modern solutions even for shelter dogs. They also need to be protected from bad weather and have a relaxed sleep!


Please visit Kuranda Dogs Beds website and order one (or more) aluminium beds for the dogs from our shelter.

These beds are “chew proof“, resistant and easy to be cleaned/disinfected.

The big advantage:  Most of our dogs used to be strays and their habit is to sit directly on the floor. With the Kuranda beds, the body is elevated from the floor , protecting him to get cold during cold season.

For 4 beds purchased, you will get a discount from Kuranda website.

Please keep in mind! The Kuranda beds can be order only from this website

An alternative for dogs bedding, it’s DoggySnooze (chew resistant, elevated dog beds)