06 Apr

Building fund

Help Us Build A Better Future For Dogs and People of Romania!

ROLDA projects that need to be financed from the Building Fund:

  • Sustain the inherent repairs shelters need every few years;
  • Expand the activity at the Rescue Center in order to be able to rescue more homeless dogs;
  • Improve the Rescue Center’s facilities;
  • Renovate the Adoption Center cottage used to welcome international guests;
  • Repair the metallic containers used to store dog food;
  • Build a center for Seniors Therapy With Dogs;
  • Build an educational room where kids learn about dogs, and enjoy supervised interaction.

For every 50 EUR donated, your name or a name of your choice will be displayed on our PawzUp wall, created to honor all the donors of Building Fund.

Estimated Impact

700 dogs will have improved sheltering spaces at ROLDA.
250,000 people will be helped to live in a cleaner, safer, and healthier community as a result of fewer strays on the streets.
20,000 street dogs will be progressively rescued and offered a new life in a clean and safe environment where they will be protected against abuse, hunger, and disease.
Hundreds of seniors will experience the benefits of having a lovely dog by their side.
The future is the result of our present actions. When you donate to the Building Fund, the impact on our dogs and our community is significant.

Please help us build a better future!


List of repair, renovation or construction work paid using Building Fund (starting 1st January 2016)

1st shelter:
2nd shelter:

This amount: 302,000 RON was spent during 2015 for shelter repairs, renovation work, building, equipment, taxes for equipment and van repairs.

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