01 Aug

Boss fight to live


Writing about the beings that I deeply love, seems to be the most difficult. I promised myself to keep this free from emotional descriptions as much as I can.
Boss is my old Saint Bernard dog. He will be 12 years old on 14 September.

On 26 July night, Boss went to the toilet and suddenly couldn’t use his back legs, he remained in “sit” position.
It was 2am and until 7am we couldn’t done anything for him.I panicked as I knew what it means when a dog doesn’t feel and can’t use his legs: paralysis.

I wasn’t home and of course, organizing everything at distance was more stressful and more difficult for everyone. I start calling to find vets outside my town, appoint visits as there is only one reliable MRI to detect spin lesions in Bucharest, 250 km from where we are located. The battle with time is crucial in these cases and I knew that every hour matters.

At 9am Boss had his MRI done. After that, numerous other tests followed: The blood analyses were done at Veterinary University in Bucharest, where other computer scan were performed and where they discovered that there is also a tumor that put Boss life at risk and should be immediately removed.

The MRI showed that his spine needs two surgeries to offer him a complete and fair chance to recover and be able to walk again. Everyone was skeptical about his chances.

Boss left town with money for analyses and depending on those result, for surgery or for euthanasia and incineration.

Knowing his age, his problems I didn’t want to give myself too many hopes. So I cried.
Talking on the phone with the vets from Bucharest I choose that my Boss to have all the needed surgeries done in the same time: 2 surgeries to spine and the tumor removed.

It was the only way he will have a chance to make it. Or not.

I feel now ashamed that I had almost no hopes (except maybe deep in my heart) and I couldn’t help him more then simply crying and thinking of him second after second. My greatest fear was that he will be put to sleep by strangers and that I was at that point, thousands of miles away.

In the past 12 years of his life,Boss waited for me to return home. Now I wait for him to return and days seem so long without him.He is placed in a hospital for intensive care.

Boss rise above the bad prognosis, the lack of hopes surrounding him. He almost proof science and medicine that they were wrong too…Because 2-3 hours after the analyses results came, he survived the surgeries at spinal not to mention that his spleen was removed together with a tumor.

The vet was skeptical about Boss recovery, not knowing for sure how this will go for an old, big dog like he is. But Boss had something else to say again because on 29 July, 2 full days after the surgery, he start moving his legs. Of course he doesn’t walk yet, he need help to stand up but all the doctors say that his progress is amazing.

5 days after surgery, Boss still refused to eat and that became a new concern. I remember how much he enjoys tomatoes and chicken. I asked the vets to give him some tomatoes because he will not refuse that. What dog would?!

Well, now Boss eats 400g tomatoes with chickens every day. He must eat small amounts of food as he has also IV treatment.

Did I told you that on Monday my Boss will come home? Not on his feet, of course and we both know that a long period of recovery will follow, exercises etc but who cares? As long as we have each other, he is the living proof that he will never let me down!

Pets are a part of our lives with a reason. They do not only make us smile. Sometimes, they teach us a lesson. If some of us choose to remain ignorant or selfish or too proud to learn …this is a bad choice because we should take advantage of every lesson that life teaches us kindly and patiently.

I have a few “conclusions” to share with you, if you read my story that far:

— The dog that sits near you lives the present. And YOU are his present. His World turns around you. Spoil your dog as much as you can while you still can, because there will come a time when you might regret not doing it. Living with the regrets is bad karma and doesn’t help anyone anymore.

— The memories that will be kept alive in your heart are the best gift that a living creature can do to another. The best part comes now: You are also the creator of these memories. Make them happy and pleasant, when it’s up to you!

— Boss is lucky to have the best medical care paid but sadly, there are hundreds of other dogs that are abandoned because being too old, too costly, or for needing patience and extra care for recovering. Thousands others dogs remain crippled for life in car accidents, lack of immediate medical assistance and especially, lack of a correct diagnosis.

Our charity built the structure of a social clinic, where dogs like Boss could benefit of low-cost or free analyses, surgeries, post-surgery care. We wouldn’t ask you donations for a MRI. But we could dream that our clinic will have one day, soon basic/standard equipment for helping our vets give a quick and correct diagnosis to thousands of dogs (and cats) who have the right to live decently.

A blood analyzer will help our vets to detect the infections, to diagnose the rare diseases, check the presence of antibodies.

An ultrasound machine will be useful to locate the tumors or other organs’ anomalies, inflammations to secure the correct treatment.

A big dream would be to open a therapy center where dogs with orthopedics problems (e.g. street dogs hit by car, who recover after the surgery) to get professional assistance to improve faster their state of health and increase their chances to be able to walk again.

The amounts to purchase each of these equipments are ranging from 3000 – 20000 EUR. You can help by:

  • Write a letter to veterinary equipment manufacturers like:

IDEXX: businesscommunications@idexx.com
KRUUSE: export@kruuse.com
Woodley: sales@woodleyequipment.com
Midmark website contact form on http://www.midmarkanimalhealth.com/

If it happens that you know an animal hospital or clinic, write or visit them and ask if they have a second-hand (functional) equipment to be donated to our started-up social clinic.

I wait for these days to pass until Monday. I already feel butterflies in my stomach. I also know that sooner or later, I will have to say my Boss “good bye” for real.
But for now, I will take dogs example and live the present. And enjoy the moments shared with Boss because lately, he fight for his life to make these possible.

My special thanks to:
DVM Andrei Tudose;
Doctors from the Veterinary University in Bucharest;
DVM Grosu – Radiologie 4 Vet;
DVM Balan and DVM Ancu  – Iraidavet;
Marian and Vasile from ROLDA team.