13 Apr

Gift for better dogs lives

Without heat, dogs will die!

If we delay it any longer … it will be too late!

For the past few winters we have been holding our breath, hoping that the heating in our shelters don’t break down.
Our shelters protect 700 dogs from being buried under mountains of snow or from freezing to death. But after 10 years, our heating, electricity, and paddocks have taken a pounding.

Every winter we suffer terrible damages that cost thousands to repair. Sadly, we cannot afford to fix everything. Usually we only have enough for the essentials—but now we’re at risk of not being able to pay for these.
This has become a growing problem that is threatening the safety of our dogs.

Dogs we have sworn to protect! Dogs that depend on us!
The freezing temperatures and harsh blizzards of Romania are responsible for the death of thousands of homeless dogs each year.
Just around our shelters there are 20,000 strays who struggle to find a warm place to hide from the painfully cold months.

Our goal is to save all of these dogs—to have room for them at our shelters.
But right now we have to focus on saving the 700 at ROLDA who are in danger of losing their heating … their electricity … their paddocks … and … possibly … their lives.

YOU can help save them!
YOU can make their rooms safer and stronger!
YOU can give them heat and light for many winters to come!
YOU can even help save more dogs from dying out in the cold!
That’s right!
The faster we can make the repairs…

  • the sooner we can work on building a new shelter for hundreds of more homeless dogs;
  • the sooner we can give them bigger running spaces

Your generous donation will make this possible!

Your generous donation will help push our efforts to expand ROLDA and save hundreds … thousands … and eventually … ALL of these forgotten dogs from their misery.
These neglected strays are desperate for compassion and love.
They need our help!
When you donate to ROLDA, you are giving these dogs…

  • Heated kennels
  • Improved sleeping quarters
  • Bigger running spaces
  • Hope for a new shelter

…all together you are giving them a chance to be adopted by a loving family.
WE cannot afford to delay these issues any longer.
WE cannot afford to risk the safety, health, and lives of our dogs.
WE cannot afford to hold our breath for another winter.
Please help us TODAY!

Thank you for your compassionate support!
P.S. Another way to give is by sponsoring one of our dogs for just 10 EUR a month. These beautiful dogs don’t need much to be happy.Have a look!

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