26 Jan

Asking again for your help!

Over the last years, Romanian street dogs are innocents subjects of  a long line of tragedies. Periodically, our charity send desperate appeal letters to animal lover across the World, including USA, where our branch, the Romanian League in Defense of Animals is an incorporated 501-c-3 charity who will soon celebrate 10 years of existence!

Your reply to our appeals represents the hope that leads us ahead and encourage us, even during the most difficult moments, when we fight with indifference, corruption and intolerance in Romania, trying to help the abused, neglected homeless animals and a part of the Romanian poor community that struggles to look after their pets responsibly!

Please commit now to the brave work of ROLDA for 2015!

Your continued support this year means life itself to cast-off dogs in
Romania who’ve been abused and neglected in terrible ways.
That’s why I had to ask again for your help,to make sure my voiceless dogs voice will be heard far and wide!

Pufulet after being beaten

Pufulet would never forgive me if I didn’t.
He’s one of the dogs recently helped from gifts donated by animal lovers like you.

Beaten and left with a hole in his head, a broken leg, broken ribs … and until ROLDA saved him, a broken heart. Pufulet’s only “crime” was that he wanted to be around people! But the wrong people found him first.

Pufulet is one precious reason I write this appeal for you to read. So you can see what even a few days means to a stray dog in Romania. To show you how time is of the essence … to ask you to please take a moment now, for the dogs.

Stand with ROLDA this year, and for homeless and abused
dogs in Romania, your 2015 donation will

  •  Outfit the FIRST local clinic for dogs, including emergency
    veterinary equipment like an ultrasound machine (much-needed!) to diagnose and heal the street wounds of dear dogs like Pufulet;
  • Launch one of the first-ever sterilization and microchip
    campaigns to help poor people from the nearby villages look after their community dogs responsibly;
  • Build a lifesaving animal adoption center that will change people’s perceptions of what is possible, while finding loving forever homes for ROLDA’s dogs and puppies.

As of now local people here sadly associate the word “shelter” with awful images from Romanian public dog pounds — filthy places so filled with despair, visitors leave in tears. Emotionally branded for life.

They are afraid to bring their children and families to adopt a pet! With the new ROLDA center you and I can change those perceptions and offer a chance at a home for some seven hundred sweet, deserving dogs.

May the love of a good dog find you, in return for your caring —
Dana Costin, Founder of ROLDA

P.S. A year ago Pufulet also survived being burned by acid.
These are the kinds of dogs you’ll touch when you make a gift today. Please be as generous as you can!


ROLDA is an international charity, incorporated in USA, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania and Australia that helps Romanian abused, neglected homeless dogs but also helps the poor local community to look after their pets responsibly.