22 Sep

An invitation from our Heart

Invitation from Heart
It was not the first time it had happened. Nor will it be the last. Recently, it feels like it is becoming even more frequent. You never get comfortable with what you find. Nor should you.

Puppies dumped. Taken from their mothers, then abandoned,and left to attempt an impossible task. How can an infant possibly survive life on the brutal Romanian streets, when even adult dogs cannot? But these two babies were a few of the very lucky ones….

ROLDA staff found these young boys outside the gates to our shelter. We are a sanctuary for the dogs we can afford to rescue from abuse, injury and inevitably death. And HEART and his brother thrived in our care. From emaciated, flea-ridden, filthy little pups, they blossomed into healthy, happy, well-socialized young dogs. Perfect companions for some lucky family.

Muriel, a visiting artist from Switzerland, lost her heart. Stolen, courtesy of HEART! Thanks to her sponsorship, he is guaranteed the best food, regular exercise, and medical check-ups. Your sponsorship of a ROLDA dog ensures that they receive the best possible care.

Your sponsorship saves two lives. How? Because it frees up the funds to allow us to go out to the streets, the alleys, and the dumps. To bring another soul to safety. We made a promise to HEART, as we promise each dog we rescue. Never again will they be exposed to the misery and loneliness of life as a stray. Every dog we take in can sleep safely under ROLDA’s roof.

HEART must have more than one guardian angel looking out for him! A few weeks ago, we received a message from Norway. A family had recently said a difficult good-bye to their old dog. They felt they were ready to take on a new four-legged addition to the family.

HEART must have smelled our happiness, for he seemed as full of joy as the ROLDA staff!

HEART wants to spread his joy, good luck and gratitude by extending an invitation to all of our incredible supporters. His new family’s loss was transformed into joy by their decision to adopt a rescued animal. Not everyone is in a position to adopt one of our lovely dogs.

”Puppies dumped. Taken from their mothers, then abandoned,and left to attempt an impossible task. How can an infant possibly survive life on the brutal Romanian streets, when even adult dogs cannot?”

But everyone can help. So HEART had an idea….


What better way to honor a departed, but still loved animal companion than by helping strays who cannot help themselves? And so ROLDA’s “Tribute Wall and Garden” came to life. HEART is asking you to consider taking part in a celebration of all the lives of the dogs that we have lived with, and that we have loved.At the same time, we look to remember the millions of strays that have suffered horribly on the street. The dogs that died abandoned and alone. The forgotten dogs; the “trash” dogs. Innocent dogs that died miserable deaths far before their time. The Tribute Wall will be a place where we can show how much we care for all dogs.

You care. We care. We cried with you and held their memories close as we honored each and every one dog lost.

Honor your dog with our Tribute Card, or choose to remember one of the nameless Romanian dogs that felt victim to indifference, and too often, abuse. We’ll hang the cards received from you like prayer flags on a new section of our PawzUp Wall, infusing it with your love and affection.

A blessing ceremony will be organized as soon as we have collected your cards. Include a photo of your dog, if you’d like. Or a note that we will send with love, to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

This year has been especially trying for ROLDA. We have had car accidents, and mechanical failures with our electrical systems and water pumps. The Romanian authorities have threatened to close us down if we don not carry out extensive upgrades and renovations. Yet still the dogs come to us. As always, we refuse to turn our backs on a puppy like HEART, or any dog that needs us.

Your donation will allow us to continue work crucial to improving the situation for Romania’s millions of stray dogs. Without your support, HEART would never have had a name, never would have had a chance to live the life every dog deserves. Your generosity saved HEART. ROLDA was the enabler that allowed his rescue to happen.

With HEART’s help, we have put together a variety of ways that you can help save lives.[/fusion_text]

20$ Tribute Tree
25$ Nameless Dog Tribute
30$ Pet Tribute

Take a moment to consider the following packages, and decide the one that best suits you:[/fusion_text]

This gives you the opportunity to celebrate a past pet’s life. Any gift of $30 or more will mean that your dog’s name will be etched into our Tribute Wall. Your beloved pet will live on forever, not just in your memory but on a wall built by generosity, and love.

Don’t forget to click here to write the story of your beloved, lost pet

Recognize one of the millions of homeless dogs that have been slaughtered by the Romanian “dog catchers”, or died abandoned and alone on the street. The “nameless dog”. The dog that nobody cared about in life, will at least be remembered in death.

For just $20, you’ll allow us to purchase one pack of trees (one Acacia, one Thuia, and one Paulownia) These trees provide shelter, and shade in the summer for our dogs. Of course they also help create a healthier human environment as well! [/fusion_builder_column]

Click here to read what others wrote in memory of their lost companions.

Not sure what to choose? Name your Tribute!

It can be sponsor a dog, sponsor an entire kennel (up to 5 dogs), sponsor some repairs, sponsor equipment for staff, name a room in our new building, name a shelter unit (for horse, cat, dog, small rescued farm animals) that will be built, name a part of our garden or a single tree.

Don’t forget to write us here the story of your beloved, lost pet.

As always, we thank you for your support. Without you, our work could not continue, and so many more dogs would be lost.

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