06 Sep

Ambassadors needed

Laika and her puppies

Ambassadors needed for Romanian animals

There are more than 2.5 million homeless and abandoned dogs across Romania whose cry for help can no longer be ignored. Their cries and whimpers echo in unison throughout a country that is incapable of ending their suffering.

In fact, between the poverty, corruption, and the “killing law,” Romania is a dangerous place for stray dogs like Laika and her puppies That is why they need you to speak up for them!

When you become an Ambassador, you spread the word about Romanian stray dogs, you are raising awareness about their pain and suffering. You are exposing to the world the horrors these poor dogs endure every day — the hunger, neglect, abuse, torture, persecution, and injustices aimed at dogs that are struggling to survive.

Join our team right now!

Just take 3 minutes to spread the word about ROLDA and the stray dog crisis in Romania and urge people to take action.

Only with your help can the cries of suffering Romanian strays travel around the world and reach millions of supporters who will give them the attention and help they deserve.

Start by sharing with family and friends, and urge them to do the same. Then use your social media apps to reach coworkers, neighbors, and members of your community.

Soon Romanian stray dogs will have many more supporters worldwide.But it starts with you! If you don’t speak up, these dogs will remain voiceless.

Volunteer today to be a ROLDA ambassador who speaks up for Romanian stray dogs, and save them from a life of misery.

Other volunteer opportunities

Volunteers are always welcome at our ROLDA shelters. Our small staff helps keep costs low so the dogs’ welfare is not compromised, but our dogs could benefit from more human interaction. ROLDA has 700 dogs under its care in 2 shelters in Galati.

Are you ready to come meet our dogs? Just fill out the volunteering form to tell us more about yourself.
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Volunteering at our shelter is a life-changing experience. You will have a close, intimate encounter with rescued dogs that have been given a second chance.
If you are unable to join us in Romania, don’t worry. Now you can help us as a virtual volunteer.

Find out how you can help Romanian strays from the comfort of your own home. Volunteering is a wonderful way to show that you care. Volunteers make a difference. When you volunteer at ROLDA, you are giving Romanian strays hope.

ROLDA is a small animal charity in Galati, Romania that has been rescuing homeless dogs since 2003. ROLDA has rescued thousands of dogs, but it continues to struggle against the growing stray population.
Today there are more than 2.5 million homeless dogs in Romania, one of the largest stray dog populations in the world.

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PS. Remember! Dogs like Laika and her puppies have a future only because thanks to you, we could save them on time. From the comfort of your home, you and your friends can literally save Romanian dogs from agony and death. It takes only 3 minutes. Please share with your friends, maybe they will like to join us!