img_0680-chickChick was found not far from our shelter. She was extremely dehydrated and full of parasites.Flies were feeding on her bloody, cracked skin caused by repeated biting and scratching. She had chewed through most of her fur, leaving her damaged skin exposed to horrible infections which, sadly, had already begun to consume her from the outside in. The truth is, she looked like a monster, a zombie. Passersby avoided looking at her, probably from disgust or pity. Some did acknowledge her by offering pieces of bread, which she refused to eat…surely from feeling sick.


Chick obviously needed immediate medical treatment to restore her appetite. And that’s when our ROLDA Rescue Team stepped in to help this poor soul. It was like she was heading towards our shelter to beg for help because she could no longer withstand the pain. Chick fought to reach us…she fought for aid…and her commendable strength paid off, because, the moment she found us her life began to change.

That’s right…we didn’t find Chick. She found us!


After a couple of medicated baths, Chick began to show positive progress. Her appetite returned. She ate everything we gave her, from doggy biscuits to roasted chicken. In fact, she ate two full roasted chickens in 10 minutes. It was a pleasure watching her enjoy her meals.

However, Chick’s road to full recovery is a long one. Her skin needs lots of treatment, including injections, antibiotics, and many more medical baths.


ROLDA exists to help dogs like Chick to restore them back to health so that they may be eligible to become someone’s best friend.

ROLDA exists because of your amazing and constant support! Donate to ensure that Chick continues to receive her treatment, as well as to help more dogs like her that are still roaming the streets of Romania.

ROLDA Restores Life to Strays

Chick’s story shows how

“All of us have experienced that uncomfortable itch on our body that we want to scratch but can’t because it is out of our reach. Now imagine that your entire body itches and you can scratch every inch. You scratch and scratch but there is no relief. You’ve scratched until your skin gets bloody and cannot stop because the pain has become insufferable, getting worse every day. Your mangled skin is now oozing pus because it has become infected, making you lose your appetite. You’re a step away from septicemia, a horrible body infection, bringing you an inch closer to death. That’s how Chick felt as her skin condition progressed while roaming the streets of Romania. Thankfully, we found her just in time, but, sadly, there are still hundreds more street dogs suffering skin problems (or other medical problems) that eventually die before
we are able to help them.”

Dana Costin, ROLDA Founder

Please check our Before/After page to see more special cases of dogs who have been rescued from death and are now safe and happy because you care and believe in our work.


Dogs who need a forever home. They’ve all been living on the streets, exposed to unimaginable dangers. Today, they are safe with us in our ROLDA sanctuaries, waiting for their forever home. Do you have one to give?

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