30 Mar

Project:Adoption Room

Clean adoption room vs. filthy pound

Have you ever wanted to buy a safe,  clean place as a present for a rescued Romanian stray?  Now you can,  through a simple gift made to ROLDA.

Inspired by designs developed by the Animal Foundation of Arizona,  and adapted to the Romanian climate,  our “green” (ecologic friendly) dogs unit is meant to:

  • Improve the dogs’ well-being (limit noise, stress)
  • Expand the shelter capacity to save more street dogs from death;
  • Inspire the local community to visit and volunteer;
  • Increase  the adoptions’ rate.


A “green” facility will differ from classic shelter design because:

– Sensors will regulate ventilation,  heating,  and cooling

– The paint will be non-toxic

– There will be air filtration

– There will be a water recycling system.

We will use glass instead of steel mesh or chain link to make the dog enclosures and reduce the stress to dogs caused by noisy shelter conditions.  This technique has already been used successfully in Hong Kong and many US and UK shelters for about 15 years,  but ours will be the first shelter made from glass in Romania.  We hope to attract more local visitors because they are curious and then have them fall in love with our dogs,  to adopt one or become volunteers.

Help us to make the dogs’ adoption rate more efficient and to transform the locals into more responsible citizens, ready to get active to solve their own social problems.

No contribution to a charitable cause is too small.

Help 300,000 souls found each other!

Galati is the largest port to Danube River and has about 250,000 inhabitants. The official veterinary authorities estimate 20,000 street dogs in Galati. Including the city surroundings, we made a simple math to get a total: 300,000 of dogs and people that must be helped to find each other!

ROLDA work can be reduced to one, apparently simple sentence: We transform scared, abused dogs into safe pet companions for the right people.

How we do that?

ROLDA minimized the costs that do not go to: direct rescue missions, food, veterinary care by selecting and training the people that deserved to be in our team. We are using our experience and constantly improving and evolving, to increase our efficiency.

9 hard working people learn to become multifunctional: drivers, rescuers, cleaners, groomers, trainers, etc And do their job responsibly.

This is our essential demand addressed to the local community of Galati: Be responsible!

The street dogs’ problem was recently officially declared a national security matter. It is a social problem that should be of concern for the entire community.

In the same time, the community should be preoccupied to solve it humanely if the authorities proof to be inefficient and ignorant.

Help provided by ROLDA to local community in the past 10 years include:

Built one of the best dogs shelter from Romania and maintained it in the first position from 2004-2013;

Saved from death about 6000 street dogs;

Sterilized about 7000 dogs;

Built a second dog shelter in partnership with the local steel plant and a social veterinary clinic which will be functional shortly;

Provide day by day professional care for hundreds of former street dogs.

There are over 250,000 locals and among them, we hope to reach the right people that we need to do volunteering work or to adopt a dog from our shelters to help us continue this battle that seems endless.

The most effective way for the locals to put an end to the dogs’ sufferance in overcrowded shelters or on the streets: adoptions!

In order to encourage the locals (together with their families, maybe) to visit the dogs’ shelters, we must make an important step further: to change the locals’ vision about the shelters look.

The Romanians perceive a “dog shelter” like a filthy, disgusting space where dogs are crowded in their own dirt, suffering, slowly dying.

You would be considered irresponsible if you would attempt to bring any of your family members to visit most of the Romanian shelters, especially your children, to expose them to a variety of diseases.

Most of the visitors of a “traditional” Romanian shelter leave in tears the place, confused how much cruelty and suffering can exist around us. The nightmares, the guilt of being incapable to change these dogs’ lives for better, the yelling and outcry coming multiplied in hundreds of begging voices – these are the tough realities to be accepted by a Romanian animal lover.

Is this the best we can in these modern times? 

The image of concentration camps is commonly perceived as the place where horrific abuses and cruelty against animals take place, on and on!

What if the locals will be able to visit (together with families and their kids) a clean, cozy, odor free adoption area where groomed, playful dogs can’t wait to start socializing and playing?

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