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Adoption Center history

You are A Part of the small sanctuary’s History

  • 2003  – ROLDA sanctuary’s building started


Initially, the shelter was made by wood, following a British model. It has 10 kennels and 2 quarantine spaces. In addition, a ruin purchased together with the land was transformed into a cottage to provide decent accommodation for the international volunteers.


  • 2004 – Animal People newspaper’ journalists visited and top-rated this shelter, after evaluating 17 other shelters from Romania and other Eastern European countries
  • 2005 – ROLDA built the second block of 10 kennels, using insulated, fireproof materials.


  • 2006 – The shelter was visited by Loretta Swit, the actress from M.A.S.H. TV series, a well-known animal activist.
  • loretta
  • loretta2(Loretta, May 2006)

2006, summer – A WSPA representative visited the shelter.

2009-2010 – A new water source was dig and the wood paddocks renovated.

2010 – It was top-rated again the best dog shelter in Romania.

2011 – Three sides of the fencing were replaced.

2013, October – The shelter which includes now a modern dog housing facility, was nominated for the third time the best dog shelter from Romania.

  • 2014 – Maintenance work and small repairs done as well as built the 4th side of the fencing.
  • 2015 – Finished the 4th fencing side (including secured the auto gate) and planted thuia trees around the running space.

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To keep its standards high, the shelter needs maintenance and periodic upgrade!
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