05 Oct

Adopt Bobitza or Lucky

New Hopes for Bobitza and Lucky

A new education campaign started in collaboration with the village school. In form of various contests, the campaign will challenge kids creativity and compassion, efforts sustained to raise awareness about the dog’ role in people lives.

You can learn more about this campaign here

To raise the much needed funds for the school and for the shelter, we got help from Lucky and Bobitza – dogs portraits made by the same kids in a previous contest organized at the beginning of the year.

Adopt virtually Lucky to help us raise money for the school and kids

Adopt Lucky!

10€ Sponsor Lucky – 50 sponsors needed
25€ Sponsor Lucky – 20 sponsors needed

Adopt virtually Bobitza to help us raise funds for shelter

Adopt Bobitza!

10€ Sponsor Bobitza – 50 sponsors needed
15€ Sponsor Bobitza – 20 sponsors needed

The first phase of the education campaign will finish end of October, when the names of the sponsors that made this possible will be publicly displayed.

Thank you for helping us to build a safer and better future for the young generation in Romania!