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Sanctuary with 650 Dogs need Your Help

650 Tails Story: How the largest steel company ignore their need and let some of these dogs die…

In 2004, ROLDA was alerted that hundreds of corps of strays poisoned, that belong to the local steel company, were disposed across Danube river. We protested instantly and created a petition addressed to the owner of this company, an Indian-British billionaire.

Spring 2007: ROLDA’s President, Dana Costin, was contacted by the steel company’ representatives to discuss about the massive strays population, migrating from the town of Galati to the industrial zone and affecting the production and storage of the steel material. After several months of intensive negotiations, ROLDA succeeded to convince the steel plant to abandon the barbarian methods of killing strays and invest in humane solution to decrease the homeless dogs’ number.

We remind you that 18000 strays are estimated by local authorities to roam around Galati town.

Since November 2007 until January 2016, ROLDA successfully decreased by 70% the strays’ population within the steel plant premises. It was a big challenge for our team considering the size of the steel plant: 1600 hectares, approx. 30x times larger than Vatican state (the smallest independent country in the World).

And this is how the story of sanctuary for 650 dogs started…

The empty land of 15.000 sq. m. was donated by an anonymous British donor  in 2006.
On this empty stripe of land, located on a large empty field, just outside Galati town, we started the large shelter. First steps were done in summer of 2007, when the fencing was created, followed by two paddocks building where minimum 100 dogs could be housed securely.
End of 2008, we reached a total of 600 dogs housed in 12 paddocks.

The initial agreement between ROLDA and the steel plant included basic investments like connection to water and electricity but years were passing and promises delayed. The much-needed construction of outdoor spaces for dogs’ exercises was also postponed. In 2014, after numerous alerts sent by ROLDA President to the local steel plant, all ignored, we addressed the steel headquarter in London, describing the situation and asking for their help.

Soon after, a new contract was agreed with (surprise!) a plan of investments which included connection to electric network.
Between 2008-2015, 6000 dogs were saved by ROLDA from death, provided with correct nutrition, medical assistance, rehabilitation and many of them adopted internationally.
Ignoring the terms of the latest contract, the steel plant’ new management blackmailed ROLDA and abusively terminated the written agreement in February 2016, leaving once again the promised investments unfinished, leaving the large sanctuary with no sewage machine to collect the dirty waters from septic tanks, and worse: refusing to pay for 200 dogs (from a total of 644) collected by ROLDA from the steel plant.

Since February 2016, thanks to private donations and ROLDA’s international branches, we managed to pay for vaccines, medical care, food for these dogs, abandoned by the company owned by one of richest men from World. A company that didn’t hesitate to poison dogs in 2004… and who probably will apply again violent methods, considering that they preferred to brutally stop ROLDA’s great results (70% of dogs population was decreased humanely during our collaboration) and remain with approx 1000 dogs on their premises.

These 1000 dogs are convicted to starvation, as the steel plant’ employees are forbidden to feed the dogs, are convicted to sufferance as there is no medical assistance provided, they are only skin and bones, full of ticks and not vaccinated, a source of disease for other dogs as well as for the employees and the clients of the company.

ROLDA decided to fight in Court with the steel plant, even if they are a very influent international corporation, with a lot of economic power. We started two trials: one against the abusive termination of the contract and second for the fact the steel plant refused to take obligation for the 200 dogs “abandoned” in our care. It will take maybe 2 years until both trials will be finalized.

It stays in our power, generated by our amazing supporters, to reborn from ash and not give up.

Make A donation Now!

Our voiceless friends have nobody but you (and other generous ROLDA supporters) to help them pass this crisis. Indirectly, you will also lift ROLDA team’s moral, as we pass through serious worries and difficult moments in Romania.

10€ Aid to feed a dog one month
50€ Pays a dog vet check
200€ Sponsor a dog for a year

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Our Dogs welcome Bigger Gifts!

In case you prefer to have a bigger impact on our rescue activity in Romania, please choose any of the followings gifts levels:

600€ Build a whole running space
500€ Renovate a kennel
300€ Co-sponsor for a running space

Please remember that no matter if big or small, your donation is same highly appreciated!

The Large Sanctuary will be renovated and improved, little by little. In fact, we already started this process last year, when first running spaces for dogs’ exercise and socialization have been created with help offered by our international partners.
It will follow:

  • the remained running spaces,
  • repair the roofs of the paddocks,
  • repair the roof of the social veterinary clinic,
  • repair the ground floor of 3 paddocks, etc

As soon as the social veterinary clinic will be functional, free treatments and surgeries will be provided for the poor communities’ pets. Until this moment will come, we will continue to offer free sterilizations and microchip identification for the poor pets from rural community, during the 2-3 campaigns hold annually and sponsored by our international partners.

Since we purchased more land in the vicinity of the sanctuary (30.000 sq. m) we decided to dream bigger:

The Large Sanctuary will be part of a very ambitious project: PawzUp Center will reunite the large sanctuary, the social veterinary clinic, as well as new buildings like the Adoption Area for cats and dogs, the sanctuaries for horses and donkeys, but also an organic farm (which is currently in progress but already contains various trees, medical plants, aromatic herbs, flowers).

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