31 Mar

200 dogs left starve

Dana and dog at ROLDA shelter Romania

Help 200 dogs fight hunger in Romania! Help the poor community’s pets stay healthy!

For 7 years our team struggled to keep the highest standards for the animals and it might sound simple…but I don’t know how many others could do it!

We are extremely worried for the future of our 630 dogs but also for the 1,500 dogs (estimated by the steel plant management) which continue to live inside the company premises. ROLDA is denied to continue helping those dogs…but we simply can’t forget what happened in the past when “accidental” poisoning or a massive slaughter put an end in the most brutal and despicable way to countless dogs’ lives.

An irresponsible attitude and a behavior close to animal abuse have nothing to do with “bad economy”. It is known that those who abuse animals, are also abusing, one way or another, people too…ROLDA made enormous efforts to show understanding and empathy toward all the economical excuses raised by the steel plant over the years, but our main goal is animals’ welfare. And when enough is enough, we must find the dignity and power to speak up and demand justice!

200 voiceless souls are in great danger of starving, let down by the company owned by one of the richest men in the World: Mr. Mittal

These dogs need as much help as they can get, right now, but also tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. It’s an endless battle and we can’t do it alone! These animals are dependent on people like you: open minded, generous and responsible! We are not rich, not even a tiny fraction as rich as Mr. Mittal, but our combined generosity can keep these dogs’ living standards at a decent level.

Besides the food, we need to cover the vet costs and the other costs related to shelter functioning (renting sewage, paying shelter security etc). A total of approx. 100,000 EUR is needed for the next 12 months.

In a World controlled by money power, we can prove that compassion, generosity, responsibility and commitment still exist. We can demonstrate that “silence” doesn’t have a price! I was personally abused by a manager from the steel plant, threatened and blackmailed. I didn’t cease because I knew I couldn’t live with the knowledge that I surrendered and gave up. Together, we can be strong enough to feed the dogs from Mr. Mittal’s company and address him a “common message”. Click here to read, sign the petition addressed to Mr. Mittal: Do not let your dogs die! and share with your friends. I hope that justice will be made, one way or another. concluded Dana Costin, founder of ROLDA.

Will you consider to Sponsor Them All?

For 25 EUR per month, you can become a sponsor of all the dogs which need help right now.

Sponsor Them All Now!

Wish to be more involved to stop hunger?

Help us spread the word across the World! 3 easy steps to do it:

  1. Create a leaflet/flyer (or ask for an online version of a flyer from us)
  2. Add your details and ROLDA details
  3. Contact your school or your church with a brochure/flyer and ask for help.

Maybe there are others in our community who also wish to be involved and stop the hunger. You just need to ask around. A starting point will be to check with your school or local church or any other community you are member of.

Thank you! ROLDA Rescue Team