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1st shelter


Continues to be considered by visitors one of the best Dog Sanctuaries

Smardan is the first village from Galati ‘surroundings where the municipality stopped killing dogs as a result of collaboration started with ROLDA.

In 2003, ROLDA purchased a plot of 2200 sq. m. where we put the basis of the first modern sanctuary (insulated, heated) from Romania. Initially built on wood, following the British shelters’ model, the sanctuary was renovated in 2010 and presently, provides spacious, indoor accommodation for 70 dogs as well as three large playing grounds where dogs can roam free and socialize. Read also about the ROLDA’ Large Sanctuary.

Adoption Center: overview and small running space

This small sanctuary, operating with minimal budget but maximum efficiency, was top rated by Animal People Newspaper journalists in 2004, from 17 other shelters from entire East Europe, the Best Dog Shelter and nominated one of the best dogs places from Romania by the US journalist Merritt Clifton during his visits in 2010 and 2013.

What makes the difference between life and death for these animals?

Besides the commitment, dedication, and perseverance of our well trained, professional staff (the caretakers and the medical personnel), the secret ingredient is YOU, The ROLDA Supporter that contributes regularly for:

Adoption Center: big paddock

1. Investments: Build modern accommodation spaces for the dogs to improve their comfort and reduce stress. Also, improve their indoor and outdoor environments.
2. Special costs: Emergency medical costs to save injured and disabled dogs; senior dogs; pregnant females; or abandoned puppies.
3. Basic costs: Dog food (regular or special diet); monthly water and electricity bills; caretaker salary; and periodic veterinary care (vaccines, de-worming, etc.).

The small sanctuary was designed and built with the dogs’ welfare as our top priority, and that is why we must ensure that it remains a clean, safe, cozy place. Day after day, it is a home for countless rescued dogs. For many, the only home they ever had. Once they enter inside our small sanctuary, they will never end up back on the streets. It is ROLDA policy never to euthanize healthy dogs or dogs that still have a chance to recover.

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Your donations helped build this place, and your donations help keep it open to rescue more strays that desperately need saving.

Adoption Center: small paddock

photo: Small paddock with shadow/straws for the running space.

Since 2003, a total of 700 dogs (abandoned by villagers or rescued by ROLDA staff from chains, where they were abandoned to die of starvation and diseases) got a new chance.
Amazingly, 90% of the dogs housed at the small sanctuary are adopted internationally.

Garden small shelter

photo: Trees were planted in the sanctuary’s garden to provide shadow for our dogs during hot summer days.