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1Life Campaign

It’s Your Opportunity to Save A Life..Sponsor A Dog Today!

1Life Outreach Program

Thousands of dogs in Romania die in public shelters every year. No one wants to adopt them because they are considered dangerous or filthy. Many even refer to them as “garbage.”
And whether on the streets or in public shelters, they are treated like garbage. Even street dogs that are taken in as pets by villagers are treated like garbage.
Romanian folklore says dogs will protect their families better if they are underfed.
Unfortunately, many people believe this.

ROLDA strives to improve the living conditions for dogs in rural areas. We work to educate people that healthy, happy dogs will protect them and their property out of love. Not from fear or starvation.
This is one of the most difficult tasks that we face.
How can we better educate Romanians so that they value and respect dogs that are in their community, or a part of their family?

Without local support and concern for animal welfare, and your support of our programs in Romania, nothing will change.
I have had many discussions with Cathy, a member of the Board of Directors of the Humane Society in the United States. She helped opened my eyes to the best ways that we can provide for our dogs today, and help change the way future generations see these wonderful creatures.
Cathy inspired me. Now it’s my turn to explain 1Life, and why we desperately need your support!

What is 1Life?

Every dog’s life is valuable, and each deserves a chance at a forever home with a caring family.
With the help of our village veterinarian, we selected 20 low income families who already have dogs as pets. We offered them a 15 kg bag of high quality dog food to help keep their dog in top shape. This takes some of the financial pressure from the families, and helps us build ties with the people in our community. This in turn builds support for ROLDA programs.

The purpose of 1Life is to keep dogs with their families, off the streets, and out of the already overcrowded and inhumane public shelters. By providing support in the form of food, advice, and education, we know that we can improve the lives of thousands of dogs.

The long term goals of the 1Life Outreach Program are:

  • To help locals discover the joy and satisfaction of adopting a street dog. To help them provide proper food and medical treatment that they cannot afford themselves.
  • To encourage the local community to respond to, and support the ever-increasing needs of shelters like ROLDA. We need the financial and moral support of the Romanian people as well as the generosity of foreigners like you. We need people willing to help find adopters and/or foster some of our rescue dogs.
  • We hope to organize a local network to encourage local Romanians to become involved with ROLDA, and to foster and adopt our rescued dogs.

We can’t do it without your help!

We started the 1Life Outreach Program in 2015, and we hope you can help us keep it alive. We need your donations to help us cover the cost of food.
We need sponsors for a whole year, and the food we buy must be purchased in advance. Your generous donation is set up to be recurrent, so you don’t have to worry about making frequent payments. And our low income families know they have continued support all year.

We’ve saved the best for last: what you get in return?

You get that wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you are helping a dog in desperate need! You are keeping a dog together with its family, and easing their financial burden.

How much does it cost? Far less than you think!

25€ 1dog 1life program
50€ 2dogs 1 life program
100€ 4dogs 1 life program


As soon as we evaluate the success of the 1Life Outreach and the first 20 dogs/families helped, our aim is to expand. We want to help even more families, and find reliable foster homes in the village where our shelter dogs can be placed.

Thanks to our friend Cathy at the US Humane Society, we already started to dream of how many dogs we can save in the future. With your support and financial assistance, many dogs will finally have a chance to enjoy their homes. Healthy and happy, they will stop being possessions and become valued, well-loved members of their family.

We know we can count on you to become a part of our rescue mission! Save 1Life today by sponsoring a village dog. Please make a monthly gift now to help the first 20 dogs from low income families get the food and care they deserve!

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