24 Nov

1500 dog meals for Christmas

Help us offer 1,500 meals this Christmas!

Our Romanian team doesn’t have Sundays or other Holidays. They have to be at the shelter every day, 7 days/ week to feed and clean our protegees. This coming Christmas is no exception.

Because these days we celebrate 7 years since the Rescue Center welcomed the first dogs in, we’d like to organize for this Christmas something simple but special – for the amazing, hard working staff but also for the dogs.

Our goal is to provide food for the street dogs during the Christmas days. We focus especially on the street dogs from the industrial area – the place where the skinniest, most frighten dogs live a real nightmare, day by day.

Will you help us reach this goal?

These people offered as many meals as they could….

Christine: 35 meals

Clara: 50 meals

Rebecca: 5 meals

Lina: 25 meals

Alexandra: 5 meals

Jolanta:15 meals

Georgiana: 10 meals

Silje Jeanette: 60 meals

Rita: 6 meals

Yvonne: 5 meals

Michele: 250 meals

Alexandra: 10 meals

Kathleen: 6 meals

Julie: 15 meals

Susan: 15 meals

Berit: 12 meals

Pernille: 15 meals

Charlotte: 8 meals

Mona:15 meals

Pam: 10 meals

Steve: 6 meals

Hege J.: 100 meals

Myriam: 40 meals

Hege S.: 40 meals

L. Divito: 20 meals

Avalon: 14 meals

Willie: 50 meals

Nicole: 15 meals

Anne-Marie H: 6 meals

Regine: 10 meals

Dennis: 40 meals

Sara: 6 meals

Marcela: 20 meals

Brenda: 15 meals

Ann: 10 meals

Victoria: 10 meals

Jacqueline: 100 meals

Chantal: 40 meals

Patrick: 20 meals

Helene: 50 meals

Jim: 5 meals

Yvonne: 4 meals

Tanya: 12 meals

Elizabeth: 5 meals

Cecilia: 6 meals

Maria: 40 meals

Christopher: 66 meals

Mette: 5 meals

Corinna: 40 meals

Karin: 15 meals

Thalie: 30 meals

Lolita: 30 meals

Lovely Shoes: 15 meals

Marianna: 20 meals

Catherine (Yelena): 30 meals

Who knows how many times during Christmas dogs like Lucky had eat garbage instead of food? Who knows how many dogs never tasted real food and always filled their stomach with leftovers?

Lucky on the streets

Will you help dogs like Lucky not eat trash for Christmas?

Make a Christmas gift now! There are no small donations!




Christmas is not only for people….